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Special Occasion Gift Checks

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Recently, the GetChecksCheap team was sitting around brainstorming and commenting that this year has definitely been the year we have been writing more gift checks than usual. Maybe we have been lazier or busier or finally realize that most of our loved ones much prefer checks to random gifts of love. And then we thought would it not be great if our checks were actually designed as gift checks. For example, they could say Happy Birthday or Congratulations or even Merry Christmas. Well, such checks actually exist so we had to share! A few of the companies even offer variety packs! Remember you can order as few as 25 checks (that’s 1 pad) for just $3.99 + delivery. Special occasion gift checks is even less than wrapping paper. You might want to add a festive envelop but it definitely is not necessary.

Please note, the color of these gift checks might be muted in order to meet the banking standards for electronic readers and microfilm. Address labels and check book covers are also available!  

Just a couple more interesting tidbits. Surprisingly, these special occasion gift checks are also less expensive than the ones you would order through your bank and are just as secure! All Checks Unlimited checks feature Chemical Protection, Erasure Protection and Microprint Signature Line. Similarly, all the other check merchants we feature only sell industry standard safe and secure checks, and they all sell them cheap!

Special Occasion Gift Checks

Happy Birthday Checks

Happy Birthday Checks

Birthday Gift Checks

Happy Birthday Personal Checks

Happy Birthday Personal Checks

Wedding Checks

Wedding Personal Gift Checks

Wedding Personal Checks

These two check styles are probably better used for paying wedding bills than as gift checks. But they are cute!

Wedding Day Checks

Wedding Day Checks

Wedding Planner Checks

Wedding Planner Checks

Congratulations Checks

Congratulations Personal Gift Checks

Congratulations Personal Checks

Mixed Occasion Variety Packs

Special Occasion Gift Checks Variety Pack

Special Occasion Gift Checks Variety Pack #3

Special Occasion Gift Checks Variety Pack

Gift Checks Variety Pack

Occasions Gift Checks

Occasions Checks

Christmas Checks

Christmas is Calling Personal Checks

Christmas is Calling Personal Checks | More Christmas Checks

Special Occasion Gift Checks Christmas Pack

Special Occasion Gift Checks Christmas PackMore Christmas Checks

For those who gift at Thanksgiving rather than Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving Gift Checks


Thanksgiving Turkey Checks | More Thanksgiving Checks

Having trouble keeping track of all the special occasions you want to celebrate by sending a gift? Loving this simple Large Print Birthdays & Special Days to Remember Organizer for those who do not track their life digitally.

Large Print Birthdays & Special Days to Remember Organizer

Large Print Birthdays & Special Days to Remember Organizer


As stated time and time again, we are 100% convinced you are wasting your money by ordering checks through your bank! We have spoken to lots of experts on this who are all in total agreement. When you order your checks from a bank, most often the banks buy your checks from one of a handful of companies, many of which are the parent companies of those we have listed here. The bottom line is you not only get checks cheap, you get checks cheaper when you buy them online.


As you probably are already aware, the price of checks is a moving target because every day, merchants offer new discounts and deals. Rather than trying to keep up with the daily deluge of deal emails, we have partnered with our favorite check merchants (because we know their checks meet industry security and safety standards) to display their promotions in the deals bar at the bottom of this page. We have made the deals bar extra large so you cannot miss it!

Get Checks Cheap!

Special Occasion Gift Checks GCC

Summary: Can't decide on that perfect gift for that special someone? These gift checks give a personalized touch for that special occasion instead of just a regular check.


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