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Welcome to Get Checks Cheap!

Welcome to GetChecksCheap

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We are 100% convinced that you are wasting your money by ordering checks through your bank! We have spoken to lots of experts on this they are all in total agreement. When you order your checks from a bank, most often the banks buy your checks from one of a handful of companies, many of which are the parent companies of those we have listed here. The bottom line is that you not only get checks cheap, you get checks cheaper when you buy them online yourself.

Yes, the prices vary but only slightly from company to company. The difference is that on any different day, each company has a special promotion or advertised deal. As you probably are already aware, the price of checks is a moving target with merchants offering new discounts and deals just about every single day. Rather than trying to keep up with the daily deluge of deal emails, we have partnered with our favorite check merchants (because we know their checks meet industry security and safety standards) to display their promotions in the deals bar at the bottom of this page. We have made the deals bar extra large so you can quickly and easily scroll through to see today’s best sales.

Get Checks Cheap

Get Checks Cheap

So now that you know you will get industry standard safe and secure checks cheap when you buy checks from any of our partner merchants, it is time to focus on the one thing that differentiates one check from another check and that is check “art”. It is the art that makes your checks truly personalized, a financial signature of sorts. In today’s world where so many transactions are handled online or electronically, we promise, you will still write checks, just not as many to large companies and institutions.

But small local businesses have not yet totally transitioned to electronic payment. You still need to pay for your gymnastics coaches, horse trainers, landscape professionals, piano teachers and math tutors by check. Chances are you will write a check for this year’s girl scout cookies, church fundraisers, and holiday gifts & gratuities. The list goes on and on. And it is these people, the ones you have true and meaningful relationships with, who will most likely notice and appreciate your choice of check designs. It really did not matter much when you were mailing in your mortgage payment but how fabulous would it be to pay your batting coach with a baseball theme check or your barn fees with a horse theme check.

We make your search simpler, we have organized this site by theme and then, have chosen our favorite check designs from a slew of options. so if our taste does not quite match yours, no worries, there are often lots more styles to choose from.

Information Needed to Order Checks Online

Finally, no matter which company you order from or the check art you choose, you should gather the following information together before you place your order.  It will make the whole process go that much smoother and be much less frustrating and annoying.

1. Identifying Information

  • For Personal Checks 
    • your name
    • address
    • phone number
    • optional >> photo
  • For Business Checks
    • business name
    • address
    • phone number
    • optional >> website address

2. Bank information

  • Name & Address of your Financial Institution.
  • Routing Number (Your old checks will have this information printed on them. If you don’t have anymore checks, call your bank. They will be able to give you the routing number.)
  • Account Number
  • Check Starting Number

Please, please please triple check all of this information for accuracy. You will not get checks cheap if you order thousands of checks with the wrong information on them!

Get Checks Cheap!

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